Bounty Hunters

Sometimes, new migrants arriving at your colony will have criminal pasts. If one of these fugitives is detected by a bounty hunter, you will have to decide how to deal with the hunter aiming to collect the fugitive’s bounty.



  • The Bounty Hunters Guild is a galactic organization responsible for hunting wanted criminals.
  • Sometimes, when a migrant arrives at your colony, this person will have a criminal past.
  • If a bounty hunter from the galaxy at large identifies a wanted criminal in your population, they will appear on your world and present you with several options, depending on the type of crime for which your citizen is wanted.
  • The way you choose to deal with the bounty hunter will affect not only the present status of your colony, but its long term relationship with the guild.

Bounty Hunter Overview

Bounty hunters are human members of a special faction in Outer Colony called the Bounty Hunters Guild. The Guild is an organization that’s authorized to hunt down and apprehend or kill fugitives throughout the galaxy. If you have a migrant NPC in your colony with a criminal past and a hunter from the galaxy at large detects his presence, the hunter will land on your world and take action.

Guild sanctioned hunters are authorized to kill criminals that have been marked for death, but there’s a protocol that has to be followed when interacting with local governments in the periphery. Sanctioned hunters will always present you with options via a formal transmission before they take action. How you respond to a bounty hunter’s proposals will dictate their subsequent action. Responses to bounty hunter transmissions are described in more detail below.



A bounty hunter acknowledging compliance.

The most straightforward option available is to comply with bounty hunter’s demand and to allow him to carry out his mission. If the target has a death mark, the bounty hunter will enter your colony unimpeded by your security forces and will execute the target before returning to his ship.

This might seem like a good solution, and sometimes it is, as it will remove a criminal element from population and decrease the likelihood of having to deal with another bounty hunter in the future. However, allowing a bounty hunter to kill or capture one of your citizens will have serious consequences. First, all members of that colonist’s social network will have bad experiences and their confidence in your leadership will be eroded. Letting a bounty hunter take their mark will prevent excess bloodshed, but sometimes it isn’t worth the intangible costs.



Bounty hunters are fearsome, formidable combatants and generally leave death in their wake. Stopping a determined bounty hunter is extremely difficult.

Noncompliance is also an option when dealing with bounty hunters. If you refuse their entry into your colony, you will be placed in a temorary state of war with the guild. During this time, the bounty hunter will most likely land on your world and will attempt to terminate the mark with extreme prejudice, killing anyone else who gets in their way. Your combatants will engage the bounty hunter on sight and try to kill him in order to protect the mark.

Be warned, however, that bounty hunters are all experienced combatants, they’re supremely well equipped, and are absolutely relentless. Stopping one requires expert soldiers, and you may pay a much higher price in blood by trying to fight back.

Bounty Hunter Payoffs and Guild Payoff

Colonies can choose to bribe a bounty hunter, at which point the hunter will decide whether or not to accept the payment at his own discretion. This is often the best possible solution, as it spares the mark and other colonists from the wrath of a merciless bounty hunter. The only downside to this approach is that it can be very expensive, so only prosperous colonies have this option. Offering an insufficient number of credits is seen as an insult, and a bounty hunter may pocket an insufficient bribe and kill the mark anyway.

Offering to pay off the guild can yield an additional set of benefits. While the guild is more expensive to buy off than an individual hunter, successful guild payoffs will curry favor with the organization. If your colony can achieve diplomatic friendship with the guild by offering generous payoffs, they may bestow valuable and otherwise unattainable items as a token of their appreciation.

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