Butchery is the means by which corpses of dead animals (or, in dark and rare cases, people) are converted into usable raw materials.


Z level view of a butcher station.


  • Valuable corpses of slain animals can be attained by hunting, fishing, or even scavenging those that happened to have died near your colony. These corpses are made up of whatever materials comprised the formerly living bodies of the creatures. Usually, these are valuable assets, like meat, hide, and bone.
  • To obtain these materials and use them in manufacturing, the corpses must be butchered.
  • To butcher a corpse, both it and an open butcher station must be available. The butchery station must be connected to an electricity grid with available power.
  • Once an order to butcher a corpse has been issued, a worker with “Butcher Carcass” activity will carry it out.
  • Processed materials will subsequently be transported to appropriate stockpiles, just as they are from other material processing equipment.


The first part of getting raw materials from a creature is acquiring a creature corpse and depositing it at a stockpile. For a stockpile to accept corpses, it must have the “Corpses” item category enabled, as shown in the screenshot below.


A stockpile designated to accept corpses.

Normally, a corpse becomes available as a result of hunting or fishing. However, you can use the tile demolition tool to claim any item you come across. If an animal happens to die of natural causes near your colony and you’re desperate for meet, demolish its corpse’s tile, and a transport order will be created to deposit the corpse in a stockpile. Any creatures actively killed via hunting or fishing activity will automatically have transport orders created for the resulting corpse.


The corpse of a Nikanaki, a species of fish that was caught by fishing.

Once the corpse has reached a stockpile, it becomes eligible for butchery. To issue a butchery order, select “Butchery Orders” from the “Issue Orders” menu, as shown below.


Location of the butchery orders menu.

Next, the butchery interface will present a list of corpses eligible for butchery. Select one from this list to issue the order.


Select a corpse from the available list in the butchery orders dialog. This will issue the order.

Make sure you have a person on a work shift with the butchery activity enabled. The worker who assumes the order will transport the corpse to the station and butcher it. When complete, an event will be logged that announces the material yields, and these will be transported to appropriate stockpiles.


Material yields reported after cleaning a fish.

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