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Q3 2016 Development Update and QA Progress

This post is just a brief update about current development work for Outer Colony.  I post minor updates almost constantly to my Twitter feed, so feel free to follow me over there to see what I’m doing on any given day. Still, there’s always a bunch of different things happening

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In Outer Colony, trade is a way to acquire goods and raw materials that you might not be able to get yourself from other colonies or off-world organizations. Summary For advanced colony progression, trade is an almost essential undertaking. No starting location will have access to all the raw materials that can be

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I Love Outer Colony Bugs

One of the funnier aspects of developing OC involves the bugs that it produces. By its very nature, almost all gameplay in OC is emergent. This is especially true with NPC behaviors. What NPCs decide to do is the organic result of a dozen subsystems interacting, pushing and pulling at an NPC’s

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World Structure: Three Dimensional Space in Outer Colony

The worlds of OC are modeled in 3 dimensional space. An X axis (West -> East), a Y axis (North -> South), and a Z axis (bottom of the world’s crust -> top of its atmosphere). Summary Worlds in OC are rendered from a 90 degree, top-down perspective. OC presents a

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