Consolidating Information about TFR

After talking with some of the project’s followers, it became apparent that information about TFR is spread out over a few too many places on the internet. Kickstarter provided a great venue for reaching a new audience, and during the campaign, I found myself using Kickstarter updates as the primary means for describing TFR updates.

Now that the campaign is over, though, it makes sense to migrate this information to the website. Moving forward, I intend for the website, and especially its blog, to serve as the chief outlet for significant TFR updates. Of course, micro-updates will continue to be posted to Twitter, and all blog posts and website updates will be linked from the forums.

For starters, though, I’ll briefly describe and link all the Kickstarter updates from this post. Some of the videos and updates, like the structure and NPC materials, will be posted to appropriate website pages as well.

 Update #1: TFR Mentioned on Massively & Answers to Common Questions
In this update, I talk about how TFR is being developed and discuss its relationship with classic SWG.

Update #2: TFR’s Development Status
In this update, I talk about where TFR is in development and how far along the project is toward its version 1.0 release.

Update #3: Project Scoping and Development Update
In this update, I talk a bit about the process behind developing TFR and the project’s scope. I also provide an update on the week’s development.

Update #4: The NPC Demo
This is a really good update. In it, I give a ~22 minute demonstration of what makes NPCs in TFR different from other games.

Update #5: Requirements and Weekly Progress
I talk more about TFR’s development process and requirement definition. I also provide a weekly progress update.

 Update #6: Player Housing Demo & New Responsibilities for Old Team Members
In this update, I showcase TFR’s player housing system and discuss the expanded roles being assumed by forum members Pontiff and TheViscount.

Update #7: Previewing More Housing Features, Project Update
In this update, I show a preview of some upcoming housing features and talk about consulting to finance TFR.

Update #8: An Art Update, a Programming Update, & Plans for Finishing the Campaign
I give another weekly update and discuss plans to close the campaign strong.

Update #9: Advanced Player Housing, Achievements, & New 3D Models
Strike the earth!

Update #10: Thanks for the Support & Campaign Conclusion
I can’t thank the project’s backers enough. You guys made it a great campaign!


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