Death and Burial

When NPCs die in Outer Colony, they leave behind a corpse. In the case of humans, corpses must be attended to, for both cultural and hygienic reasons.

Tutorial video, showing the steps to bury a corpse.


  • When a human dies in Outer Colony, it’s generally wise to attend to its corpse.
    • If a corpse is left out for too long, it will rot and become a source of disease. Corpse rot, in particular, originates from decaying, human corpses.
    • The different archetype cultures have different burial customs, and these can yield benefits for people in the deceased human’s social network.
  • In most cultures, including Core World culture, the dead are buried underground.
  • To give a corpse a proper burial, a burial vessel (like a coffin) and a gravesite marker (like a tombstone) are required.
  • To issue burial orders, first retrieve a corpse that’s lying on the ground. Once it’s been moved to a stockpile, you can issue an order to bury it. Make sure you have an open spot in a cemetery area for burial.

Burial Vessels & Gravesite Markers

To give a person a proper burial in most cultures, a burial vessel and gravesite marker are both required. These items can be manufactured at a furniture and consumer goods manufacturing station and vary by extravagance. You’ll want to make sure that your colony has plenty of these on hands, as all sorts of incidents can occur that will leave corpses in their wake.

Some burial vessels and gravesite markers are shown here. These are the specific items you’ll need.


A tombstone is a simple gravesite marker.


An obelisk is a large, ornate gravesite marker.


A coffin is a simple burial vessel.


A sarcophagus is a larger, more ornate burial vessel.

Retrieving Corpses

The first step in disposing of a corpse is retrieving it from its location in the world. Use the tile demolition tool, pictured below, to issue an order to retrieve a corpse.


Make sure you have a stockpile that will accept corpse items and has room available in it. Corpse retrieval is demonstrated in the tutorial video at the top of this article.

Issuing Burial Orders

Once the corpse has been transported to a stockpile, open the burial orders interface. This is done by selecting it from the top menu bar, as shown below.


Location of the burial orders menu item.

The burial orders interface will then appear. It will present a list of corpses you can bury. To bury a corpse, simply select the one you want and click the “OK” button. You can issue orders to bury many corpses by multi-selecting them, using CTRL+click to highlight many options at once.


The burial orders interface.

Once the order is issued, your undertaker will handle the rest. Make sure you have an NPC on a work shift, with the bury corpses activity enabled. Also make sure that you have a cemetery area designated with open space to receive the corpse.

Once the burial is complete, you can view the gravesite using the tile inspection tool. The gravesite marker will usually be given some kind of inscription, like the one shown in the screenshot below.


Inscription on the obelisk, where Trajan Non is buried.

If you switch to a Z level view and look underground directly beneath the marker, you can see the burial vessel.


Viewing Trajan’s sarcophagus, now buried underground on Z level 51.

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