Expedition Configuration: Preparing to Embark

Prior to landing on a world and starting their colony, players are given the opportunity to configure various aspects of their expedition. Selecting a faction, customizing their starting personnel, and purchasing starting items are all part of this configuration process.


Equipping an expedition member.


  • After world generation, players are presented with options to configure their colony prior to embarkation.
  • Players first have to choose a faction for their colony. They can choose among the four main cultures¬†of the Outer Colony universe.
  • After choosing a faction, players can then configure the personnel and materiel they have when they embark.
    • Players have a budget of credits to spend on personnel and equipment customization.
    • Starting personnel can be customized in a variety of ways. Personality traits, physical properties, personal equipment, and skill sets can all be customized, at a cost.
    • Starting equipment for the colony can also be purchased. The player starts with a default configuration, which contains all the basic materials for starting a colony in a temperate or warm environment. Extra items, like more power generators, more firearms, or specialized winter clothing can be purchased.
    • Many items in Outer Colony can’t be purchased from the start. Only basic items are available to embarking expeditions, and more advanced ones must be acquired through gameplay.
  • After configuring starting personnel and equipment, players then go to the world to select their embarkation site.

Faction Selection


The faction selection interface is very straightforward. Here, you’re presented with four options for your colony’s starting faction and culture. Brief descriptions are provided to help make the choice, but more details about each culture can be found on the culture modeling page. Each culture has a variety of unique features that confer strengths and weaknesses, so this choice is very important in determining the nature of a¬†colony. Once a choice has been made, click the “Next” button to move on to personnel and equipment configuration.

Starting Personnel and Equipment Configuration


Selecting heavy machinery for embarkation.

The final interface before embarkation is used to configure starting personnel and equipment. Here, you’re presented with a wide variety of options to customize both the founding people and their starting items. A default configuration is presented that generally has sufficient material for getting started, so if you’d prefer not to customize further, you can embark with the default configuration. This default is generally adequate for warm or temperate starting locations.

A great deal of benefit can be gained by specifying particular physical and personality traits in your founders. If you grow your population organically, it’s the traits of these people that will be passed on from generation to generation, so the expense in starting with quality people can be worthwhile in the long run. Greater access to equipment can be very beneficial in the short term, as more power generators and building supplies can help jumpstart a new colony faster.

If you intend to embark in a cold climate, it’s important to note that the default configuration will leave your people without adequate winter clothing. Be sure to purchase insulated clothing if you plan to make your home in the tundra.

Once all your selections have been made, clicking the “Embark” button will take you to the game world. Once there, you can select your starting location and start building your colony!

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