Many valuable resources can be obtained by butchering wild creatures, including meat, furs, bones, and more. To have a corpse to butcher, though, a creature must first be hunted and slain.

A brief video tutorial showing how to hunt. Hunters trek into nearby mountains in search of short snouted woodgrunts.


  • Humans in Outer Colony can hunt creature NPCs, which can then be butchered for resources.
  • In order for hunting to occur, you’ll have to issue hunting orders, specifying which creatures you want hunted.
  • An available human on its work shift with the killing behavior enabled will assume responsibility for the order and carry it out.
  • Once the creature has been slain, an order will automatically be created to retrieve its corpse.
  • Once the corpse has been retrieved, you’ll have to a issue butchery order to convert it into usable materials.

Issuing Hunting Orders

As shown in the video above, hunting orders are issued like normal specific-target kill orders. First, you click the combat orders icon on the main UI’s toolbar:


The combat orders icon makes several other combat tools available.

Then, select the target specification tool, shown below:


The specific target tool is used to issue kill orders on particular NPCs.

Finally, click the specific creature that you want your hunters to kill. They will then seek it out, to the best of their abilities, and engage the creature in combat.


Most importantly, make sure you have sufficient firearms and ammunition available for your hunters. Creatures are generally incapable of ranged combat, which means that even a novice user of firearms can dispatch most sorts of animals. However, sending unarmed hunters on orders to kill huge, strong, fanged, clawed, aggressive creatures won’t yield success.

Hunting can also be viewed as a low-risk way to give your NPCs combat experience. Sending hunters into the field will give them real combat experiences, and they’ll be able to hone weapon skills while performing a useful task.

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