Light Structures

Light structures are an easy to build, man portable alternative to free-form construction.  You can think of them like yurts or temper tents in the real world. If you need a single-room, small structure in a hurry, light structures are an excellent choice.

A tutorial showing how to manufacture, deploy, and furnish a light structure.


  • Light structures have a number of advantages over conventional building materials.
    • They’re very easy to set up, for new players.
    • They’re fast to deploy.
    • They’re fast to manufacture.
    • The entire structure can be carried much more easily than all the construction materials needed to build a comparable, conventional structure.
  • Light structures do come several drawbacks.
    • They come in a prefabricated form, so it’s not possible to customize the structures themselves.
    • They can only occupy a single Z level and can’t be stacked on top of each other.
    • Light structures can only contain a single room.
    • Light structures can be entered or exited from any location on their periphery.  All its bounds are essentially doors, so it’s not possible to regulate access through single points.
  • When building structures for a colony, some situations are better suited to one option or the other. It’s up to you to decide when to build which sort of structure.

Building Light Structures

Manufacturing light structures works just like conventional manufacturing, as shown in the tutorial video. Before being deployed, a light structure exists as a single item. To manufacture a light structure, you’ll need a construction material manufacturing station. Light structures themselves are found under the “Light Structure” category.

Deploying Light Structures

To deploy a light a structure, first select the construction tool from the main interface.


The construction tool icon.

After clicking the construction tool, the light structure deployment tool will become visible in the order details section.


The light structure deployment tool.

Clicking this tool will present you with a list of light structures you can deploy. Make your selection from the list, and click OK.


Selecting a light structure to deploy.

The tile view will then highlight the footprint of the light structure. Click on an area of level terrain to issue the deployment order, and a worker with the appropriate activity enabled on its work shift will build the structure.

To create a room inside the light structure, select “View Interiors” from the view controls, and use the room designation tool inside the structure. Viewing the interior of the structure on the right Z level or from the top-down view can also be used to deploy items and furnish the structure.

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