Migration of people from the galaxy at large to your colony is one way to increase your population. Specially recruited migrants can be used to augment your talent pool in particular ways, though these come at a cost.


Configuring a migrant’s personal equipment.


  • Outer Colony’s migration system is used to recruit new residents for you colony.
  • Migrants arrive as young adults, with their own memories that constitute their personal histories and backgrounds.
    • Some aspects of a migrant’s background, like their skill set, can be controlled.
    • Some aspects of a migrant’s background, like their memories and criminal histories, cannot be controlled.
  • Before migrants can be recruited, your colony needs a landing zone large enough to accommodate transport spacecraft.
  • The procedure for recruiting migrants starts with a request, is followed by migrant detail specification, and ends with migrant arrival on a spaceship at one of your open landing zones.


Before migrants can arrive, your colony needs an adequate landing zone to accommodate their spacecraft. For details on landing zones, see the landing zones section of the area designation article.

To recruit migrants with specialized personalities, physical traits, or skill sets, you’ll need sufficient currency to afford the specifications. Currency is usually accumulated by exporting goods or materials via offworld trade.

Finally, you’ll want to have adequate housing, room space, bedding, food, drink, and other survival essentials to accommodate the new arrivals. They will start consuming these necessities shortly after they reach your colony.

Initiating a Migration Request

The first step of attracting new migrants is by initiating a migration request. The process starts by selecting the “Initiate Migration Request” menu option under the “Trade & Migration” menu, as shown in the screen shot below.


This will load the migration configuration interface, which will allow you to set up specific properties on your incoming migrants.

Configuring New Migrants

New migrants can be configured in almost any way that your initial group of humans can be configured via the embarkation interface. Each migrant’s physical traits, personality traits, personal equipment, skill set, and starting activity configuration can be configured here. There is a cost associated with most of these changes, and you must have enough currency on hand to afford the configuration. If your configuration costs more than the number of credits you have, the migration request will not be processed.

Take great care when specifying properties of your incoming migrants. Attracting the right sorts of people has a tremendous impact on establishing a particular local culture, and these migrants, via heredity and reproduction, will influence generations to come.


Configuring specific personality traits on an incoming migrant.

Migrant Arrival

Once you’ve made your selections and clicked “OK” on the migrant configuration interface, a migration request will be submitted to your faction’s off world authority, and currency will be deducted to finance the procedure. After a period of time, a space craft carrying the migrants will land at an open landing zone. The migrants will exit the ship, which will return to space, and your new residents will immediately begin functioning like other people in your colony.


A transport shuttle returning to space, after having dropped off a new wave of migrants.

Important Notes

It’s important to remember that any migrants you recruit will not have grown up in your colony’s local culture. Migrants will come from your colony’s parent culture (for example, if your colony is Kelgonian, only Kelgonian migrants will arrive), but if your local culture deviates significantly from that baseline, they may not share the values of the rest of your population. If you’ve been working hard to foster a specific sort of local culture, new migrants might derail your efforts.

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