Monument Construction

Building structures and designated them as monuments can have a variety of positive effects on the morale of your expedition.


  • Monuments are structures in OC that are given a special designation.
  • They’re built using the same free form construction system as any structure, allowing for great freedom in design.
  • When designated, an economic and cultural value are calculated for the monument. These are based on the monument’s size, the value of the materials from which it’s made, and its proximity to other significant cultural locations, like graves.
  • Monument values can increase with the passage of time and their usage in ceremonies.
  • How the monument functions is largely a factor of your expedition’s culture.

Monument Designation

Designating a monument is a very simple exercise. A player needs to build any sort of structure, using the same methods employed for all construction. Once the structure has been built, the monument designation tool, shown below, can be selected from the toolbar.


Clicking on any of the structure’s nodes will designate it as a monument. While the designation is important, its use is limited based on the size of your expedition and the length of time that it’s existed.

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