NPC Requests

In Outer Colony, humans have many needs that must be satisfied in order to sustain life. Some human desires are less obvious, and while failure to satisfy these other needs won’t directly lead to death, they lead to dissatisfied feelings and unhappy moods. When humans have specific requests for making them happy, they lodge them with the colony, and these requests are viewable via the colony requests interface.


A human requesting a private room for his family.


  • Humans in Outer Colony can desire states that will improve their quality of life.
  • Failure to promptly provide humans with their requested conditions will result in negative experiences and decreased happiness.
  • These sorts of requests can be viewed in the colony requests interface. Frequently checking on requests is a good way to make sure your population’s wants are being satisfied.

Using the Interface

To view requests from your NPCs, open the colony requests interface using the menu bar at the top of the screen. The colony requests menu option can be found under the information menu, as shown below.


Opening the colony requests interface.

The interface provides a line delineated readout of individual NPC requests. Responding to the requests is fairly straightforward.

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