One of the hardest things about being an indie developer is spreading awareness of your project. Without a AAA advertising budget, it’s an uphill battle getting people to even know of your existence, and there are so many fantastic games out there that are sadly underappreciated.

This page is my attempt to recognize some of the best people and projects I’ve come across in the indie dev community during my time developing Outer Colony. If you like innovative indie games, these people and projects are all worth a look!

Enckling Games


Enckling is a game development company located in North-east Ohio. Our current project is “Pilgrimage Of Embers”, a 2D dark fantasy action RPG.

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Anachronic Designs


Anachronic Designs is a Canadian independent developer of mobile games and entertainment apps. The one-man studio is currently working on Flippy Uncle, his first project published for both Android on Google Play and iPhone/iPad on the Apple App Store. Founded in January 2012, Anachronic Designs’ focuses on creating unique, original, and compelling free game downloads for mobile platforms. Past projects include the Arcade at the End of the Universe, Super Kitten Spacey Cat, Sad Paddle, Anachron’s Arcade, Tweek, Slime Smasher, Munchy Monsters, and many others.

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David Stanley – Creator of Skelattack

Skelattack-Partner Promo

You are an enchanted skeleton tasked with clearing out your dungeon home of looters and trespassers. Adventurers from across the land have heard legends of the staggering amount of treasure in this dungeon, and…these raids are starting to become a weekly event. Discover the hidden culture of these dungeon-dwellers, while you clean house with your Bone Blade and spell-casting bat companion!

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Pyroflame Games


Pyroflame Games is an indie game development studio and preowned video game business in one! They specialize in supplying in-demand retro and current-generation console games at affordable prices. The owner started making games at 10-years-old using Adobe Flash, and received his first sponsorship at age 13. Creator of popular hits such as Crumbled 2, ElectroMagnetic, and more, garnering over 5 million plays worldwide. His passion for gaming started at 6 years old with the NES and SNES, which led him to create his own and start selling games. He is now focused on three key goals for Pyroflame Games: offering a wide selection, acquiring rare items for resale, and 100% customer satisfaction.

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Rombosaur Studios
Rombosaur studios is an indie game developer firm founded in mid 2015 with the launch of “Mission Massive Migration”, a charming metroidvania for Android that was later ported to PC.
You can check out our blog and Twitter accounts for keeping up with Rombosaur news!

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