Outer Colony has been covered by a number of gaming news outlets and information sources. Check out the links below for interviews, previews, and lots more information about Outer Colony!

  • Spotlight on IndieHangover

    I had an opportunity to talk with Jacob Wood over at IndieHangover, and he asked some fantastic questions about the current state of Outer Colony, the project’s history, and some of our development challenges. Check this out for some of the latest info on Outer Colony, and I highly recommend reading IndieHangover, as it’s a fantastic way to discover great, up-and-coming indie game projects!

  • Interview with Orange Bison

    This piece covers a great deal of background information about Outer Colony, detailed explanations of gameplay, some discussion of my experience as a game player, and lots, lots more. This one is a must read if you want to know all about Outer Colony!

    Check out Orange Bison for all sorts of other indie game news, too. They do really solid reviews, previews, and provide tons of fun video content!

  • Audio Interview with The 16 Bit Couple

    I met these guys at a convention, and it was a blast talking with Duo all about Outer Colony, indie game development, and lots more. This interview is another one of our canonical media appearances, and I really recommend checking it out. Duo asked a number of very insightful questions, and this interview probably contains the most information you can learn about the project in a half hour.

    The 16 Bit Couple covers other indie games, and they produce let’s play videos on YouTube. When I’m alone, programming Outer Colony and want a someone to keep me company, I often watch these on my second monitor. They’re always entertaining, but I think my very favorite playthrough so far has been The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past. I highly recommend it!