Rabid Creature Attacks

Sometimes, creatures in nearby environments can become rabid and decide to attack humans. While most creatures are usually easy to dispatch by trained personnel with firearms, this kind of event can be a gut-check for your colony’s military. Large creatures will easily kill unarmed people, so make sure you have some military formation available to deal with marauding creatures as early in your colony’s life as possible.

A brief video showing a rabid creature attack and how to deal with it.


  • Virtually any creature can become rabid and decide to attack your colony.
  • Once a creature has become rabid, it needs to kill a human. It may kill many humans before its bloodlust is sated.
  • Most creatures, barring those that are giant and have spectacularly tough hides, are easily dispatched by firearms. Like humans, taking a large caliber or high velocity round to the head or abdomen is usually sufficient to inflict death.
  • Make sure you have at least one adequately equipped fireteam to deal with a rabid creature attack.

Responding to a Rabid Creature Attack


Event notification of a rabid creature attack.

When a creature attack is imminent, you’ll be notified of this via an event message in the event pane. Examining the event, as shown above, will provide some details about the impending attack, including the species of animal that’s become rabid.

Responding to a rabid creature attack is much like responding to any sort of hostile incursion. As a general rule, you’ll want to make sure that your colony is walled, with the walls being at least two tiles high, to prevent them from being scaled. Leave only a few openings in the wall system to serve as gates. This will force attackers through these choke points, making your territory easier to defend.

If you’ve positioned key personnel at the correct gate, either by issuing a unit move order or by manning a defensive fire position, they should encounter the rabid creatures as they try to break through and kill them. Like most management of combat in Outer Colony, specifics of issuing prioritizing and engaging enemy targets is left to the discretion of your personnel. Remember: command is designed to be more in line with the duties of a real company grade officer than a typical RTS.


Combat log aftermath of an engagement with a single woodgrunt. A single bullet to its head was more than sufficient.

Once the creatures have been dispatched, you can collect their corpses and butcher them for resources. In this respect, an attack by particularly delicious creatures can be something of a boon for your colony’s food production.

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