Though the worlds of Outer Colony are sparsely populated backwaters on the galaxy’s fringe, they’re not entirely deprived of commerce. Periodically, spacefaring trade ships can crash land on your world’s surface, occasionally carrying rare treasures from other parts of the galaxy. Investigating crash sites is often a highly profitable endeavor!

A video showing the site of a crashed Freighters' League ship. I pillage its contents and let the fires burn themselves out.


  • Shipwrecks can be sources of rare, foreign, and otherwise unattainable items from the galactic core and other regions of space.
  • Wrecks leave behind inhabitable structures that can be claimed and conveniently turned into outposts.
  • Shipwrecks can cause fires by exposing areas near the crash site to high temperatures on impact.
  • Any plants, creatures, or people unlucky enough to be in the path of a falling ship will die.
  • Pilots are usually killed on impact and will need to be buried. If the corpses are left to rot, they will become sources of disease.

Responding to Shipwrecks


Event details for a shipwreck.

Whenever a crash occurs, an event will be logged in the event list. Viewing event details will report the crash site’s coordinates, and you can then move the view area to the location to see what the site contains.


Inspecting crash site details. This shows an exquisite submachine gun, of Core World design. It’s made from advanced materials, including amorphous metals and shape memory alloys, that are difficult to attain and improve the weapon’s effectiveness.

At the crash site, if you check the “View Interiors” of the view controls, you can use the inspection tool to view all sorts of details about the inside of the ship. Most ships contain a stockpile with some cargo, stasis sleep pods for the pilots, and a few other rare items. If the pilots are both dead, the right to salvage is yours! Use the tile demolition tool (the blue bulldozer) to select all the items and stockpiles you want to claim. Clicking on desired items and stockpiles will the tool selected will issue orders, and your workers will claim the chosen items.

Rare Item Information

Crashed ships sometimes contain rare, foreign items that can’t be attained by manufacturing or normal trade. These are items with special properties and cultural significance that are produced elsewhere and rarely make their way to remote colonies, like yours. Some confer powerful benefits and some are a bit funny, but they’re all worth salvaging for one reason or another.

Stars and Psions


Stars and Psions is the most intense, intricate, and intellectually stimulating board game of the Core Worlds. This special toy encourages socialization and strategic thinking. When children play Stars and Psions, the activity increases personality trait values that can’t be boosted otherwise, like ambition and charisma, while also increasing intellect and inventiveness. Stars and Psions is the best toy in the galaxy.

Companion Pillow


The companion pillow is an item with special properties that can help deeply neurotic NPCs. When neurotic NPCs fail to socialize effectively, they can become isolated from the rest of the colony’s social network. Without compassionate NPCs to help the neurotic ones out, they can become excessively lonely, which can lead to sad moods, depression, and worse. Companion pillows are treated as furniture items, and if you set one up in the room of an isolated and neurotic person, it can decrease their loneliness when they sleep there, ameliorating the effects of their isolation.

Cybronetic Dome Protector


The cybronetic dome protector is the freshest designer hat in the galaxy. The accompanying instruction manual states that it must be worn sideways at all times and that it’s guaranteed to make its wearer “ill”. Any NPC that wears the hat will drastically increase the prioritization of social and romantic goals, turning him into an insatiable party animal.

Euphoric Fedora


The euphoric fedora is a hat of a popular style from several ages ago. Having fallen out of vogue, its current wearers tend to be somewhat less than popular in the romantic sphere. If you want to ensure that a person never gets married or reproduces, or if you just happen to hate a particular NPC, have them wear the euphoric fedora.

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