TFR is Getting an Original Soundtrack!

Admittedly, I’m completely exhausted after a very long day of consulting, but this news is too exciting for me to contain! In the weeks following the conclusion of the Kickstarter campaign, I’ve been budgeting, planning, and loading up the project’s key contractors with tons of new work. Mark Roller has done a phenomenal job modeling TFR’s player houses and he’s already at work on his next task, designing all the harvester structures. Jennifer Lange is cooking up something really good for me to showcase shortly, and there will be no shortage of new concept art in the coming months. Forum members Pontiff and TheViscount have been doing a great job with a steady stream of lore updates, and we’re speccing out the mountain of details needed to govern all NPC behaviors across the entirety of TFR.

The cherry on top of this progress sundae is the main focus of this post; I’m extremely happy to announce that Brian Fairbanks, a very talented composer, is joining the project to produce TFR’s OST! He’s been extremely helpful in providing music-related guidance and aiding me in planning out the contents of the version 1.0 soundtrack.

Before sharing some of the fruits of his labor, I’ll just touch briefly on my view of music and other audio in TFR. The Far Reaches is all about immersion. If I were to summarize the game in a single word, that would be it: immersion. It needs to be a sufficiently compelling universe to make players feel a part of it – to give the feeling not of being a guy behind a keyboard controlling a thing on a screen, but of being some version of yourself in a deep, vivid, science fiction universe. The mechanics of TFR as a universe simulation play a key role here, but there are other, visceral aspects of the experience. Audio is perhaps foremost when it comes to stimulating your in-game senses: the sound of howling wind as you stand on a cold moor, crackling leaves on the forest floor, or a somber melody as you survey the vastness of the terrain from atop a frozen moon’s highest peak.

These are the sensations that can add so much to the feeling of immersion, and Brian is absolutely demonstrating his mastery of the subject. As part of TFR’s overall audio scheme, Brian is composing theme music for each of the five worlds, and he’s hit an out of the park homerun with Thurgon’s track.

Take a listen on Soundcloud and enjoy!

Thurgon’s Theme

There will be plenty more where that came from, and I hope to share the sounds of TFR with everyone as they’re developed. This is yet another key piece of the puzzle that’s falling right into place on our road to release!

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