Game Overview


Viewing building interiors of a small outpost.

Outer Colony is an open ended, real time strategy game with a focus on artificial intelligence and simulation-derived mechanics. Set in a sci-fi universe, players command expeditions of spacefaring colonists in an effort to establish settlements on remote worlds. Much of the core gameplay revolves around providing for your expedition’s NPCs, managing its fledgling society, freeform building, and tactical combat. Whatever you do in OC affects the persistent game world, so everything from driving species to extinction to terraforming whole regions is possible.

OC is built to be as open ended as possible, and there are no specific winning conditions. Create a utilitarian state that maximizes overall happiness. Construct mega-engineering projects on a global scale. Foster a society of merchant princes and offworld traders to accrue great wealth. Subjugate a world under the heel of a fierce, disciplined army. It’s all up to you!

OC also provides both single and multiplayer options, so you can explore gameplay by yourself or compete and collaborate with friends!

Some of Outer Colony’s gameplay features include: