TFR’s Original Soundtrack & Audio

Over a year ago, I wrote an update about Brian Fairbanks, an immensely talented composer, joining OC’s team to produce its original soundtrack. He has stuck with the project through thick and thin, composing, editing, tweaking, retooling, and advising on all aspects of OC’s audio system.

With the decision to overhaul OC’s gameplay, a similar overhaul in music was needed to fit the new OC. Brian’s been hard at work for months composing a wide variety of brand new tracks, and the results have been stellar. We’ve got a whole bunch of thematic music in the works that plays off world events, and I’m very excited to share it. In this post, I’m going to highlight tracks that correspond to planetary seasons, spring, summer, fall, and winter. These tracks are mixed into the music system during the corresponding times of year and help give each season a certain character.

Spring Theme:

Summer Theme:

Fall Theme:

Winter Theme:

I really couldn’t be any happier with how these turned out, and they sound fantastic in-game. Despite all of OC’s changes over the last year, much of its core remains exactly the same. The emphasis on immersion, on feeling the world, is still very much at the core of OC, and that’s what the soundtrack is all about. It’s about creating mood and giving character, and the tracks Brian’s been composing excel in these regards.

Work is currently underway on a large set of biome and ambient tracks, and I’m really looking forward to sharing these as they come together. We are well on our way to having a unique, immersive, and very special OST for OC, thanks to all of Brian’s hard work.

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