The Old Corsair

An ancient Dagoroth legend tells of a murderous android called the Old Corsair. An ancient relic from before the Extermination Wars, the Old Corsair is a highly independent combat automaton, hired as a privateer to raid settlements and shipping lanes in some long forgotten war. The Old Corsair continues his mission, a strange, timeless fixture of deep space. Fueled by an insatiable bloodlust, and on Hallow’s Eve, in the dead of autumn, he still rides, slaughtering, pillaging, and burning as he has since ages past.

A video showing the arrival of the Old Corsair, carrying out his unending mission of destruction.


  • The arrival of the Old Corsair is a seasonal occurrence on worlds of Outer Colony. He will only come in the dead of autumn, on Hallow’s Eve.
  • The Old Corsair is an ancient, pirate robot of uncertain make and origins. Legends say that it’s a product of primordial Dagoroth society, from before the Extermination Wars.
  • The Old Corsair travels the galaxy in his ship, Vengeance One, senselessly destroying settlements on the galaxy’s edge.
  • The Old Corsair can’t be bargained or reasoned with. He can’t be bought be off, and he won’t stop until his lust for blood is sated.
  • Being a robot, the Old Corsair’s body is comprised of advanced, amorphous metals and shape memory alloys that are extremely durable. Destroying him is an immensely difficult task.

Dealing with the Old Corsair

Bullets. A huge volume of bullets. This is the most straightforward way I’ve found to stop him, but he will wade into your ranks and spill a great deal of blood before he’s brought down. I recommend using machine gunners that can put large volumes of rounds on target, as they’ll eventually wear the Old Corsair down.

One fire team, in my experience, will not be enough, unless someone lands an extremely lucky shot. I’ve fought him a few dozen times in tests, and while I have managed to kill him, the combat logs usually reveal several barrages of .31 rifle rounds directly to its head, eventually disintegrating its outer materials and crippling its processing module (one of its head’s body part components), which it needs to live.

Once I managed to destroy both of his legs, leaving him unable to walk. This is almost worse than having him kill his victims and leave, because he just became a permanent fixture on the ground. He doesn’t need to eat or sleep, so he just stayed in one spot, periodically drawing the ire of passersby, who would decide to attack him and promptly die.

Even though the Old Corsair is extremely disruptive and hard to stop, I think this is one of the most fun events I’ve built so far. Trying to stop him with a wall of bodies feels a bit like the “Defend the Temple” co-op scenario in StarCraft 64, at least to me. That kind of challenge to stop a seemingly unstoppable adversary is something I really enjoy.

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