Too Many Games Retrospective

This weekend, Outer Colony made its first appearance at a gaming convention! I spent 3 days at Too Many Games in the Greater Philadelphia Expo Center giving demos of Outer Colony to everyone who stopped by. It was a ton of fun, and the experience was extremely productive!


I got a lot of practice presenting Outer Colony to people and made great progress in determining the best ways to get its core ideas across. Some of the challenge in sharing Outer Colony with new people is that the game’s depth in simulation and AI are what make the game what it is, and it’s not always easy to convey all of that in 30 seconds! Still, I think a lot of people had fun watching me give demonstrations, and I connected with so many great gamers, streamers, writers, and talented people of all sorts.

Perhaps the only significant problem I ran into was losing my voice! By the end of the day on Friday, I could barely talk after having given so many demos. This left me hard pressed to give really effective presentations at times! Fortunately, my brother came through in the biggest way possible and helped out on Saturday, the con’s busiest day.


Thanks, Dave!

This was my first ever gaming convention, and it was a great deal of fun! In addition to all the practice I got demo’ing and presenting Outer Colony, I got to meet many amazing people.

The guys at Starfall Studios were kind enough to let me play their upcoming platformer, Sneaky Ninja! Sneaky Ninja is a platformer with awesome stealth mechanics, fun environments, tactically interesting abilities and characters, and a ton of neat features. There’s a lot of challenge, but the world feels very inviting and pleasant, and it’s just a great game to play. I think the thing that impressed me most was how polished it feels. The control is smooth and intuitive, the presentation is great, and the idea itself is very unique. You do feel like a ninja, sneaking around enemies and exploiting the environment, all while retaining that fun, jumping, platformer feel.

The devs were consummate professionals, too, and it was so much fun talking with them. They were a huge help in finding the right way to present Outer Colony and were able to provide a bunch of insight on finding success as indie developers via their experience, having run a successful Kickstarter campaign and already being greenlit on Steam. I was very lucky to have met them, and I can’t recommend Sneaky Ninja enough. I secured my pre-order this morning and am really looking forward to release!

I got to spend a few minutes with the devs from Wimbus Studios, too, and to try out their upcoming RPG, The Island of Eternal Struggle. I didn’t have much experience with turn based, RPG-style combat, but Steve from their team walked me through it, and I was really impressed. Once I got into it, I found the attacks to be cool, the mechanics to be fun, and the enemies hilarious. The game has a really bizarre, surreal sort of humor to it, which gives it a feeling all its own. The visuals are great, the environments are creative, and the more I’ve looked into it, the more impressed I’ve been. I voted for them on Steam Greenlight, as this is a game I’ll definitely buy!

I met a bunch of great streamers, YouTubers, writers, and other awesome people, and I’ll aim to write more about some of them later on. I did have a great time meeting the 16 bit couple, and they were very nice to stop by our table and see Outer Colony. In addition to their website, check out their YouTube channel, which is full of sharp content! I’ve been enjoying some of their playthroughs on my second monitor, learning all about new games while I program today!

On the whole, the con was tremendous fun, and it was a really productive experience on many levels. I’m so glad I had the opportunity to attend Too Many Games, and I’m already looking forward to next year!

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