Work Shifts, Leisure Shifts & Activity Configuration

Humans in OC operate on schedules that are described in terms of shifts. A shift is a period of time during which a human either engages in work activities or is free to engage in leisure activities. As the expedition’s leader, you can designate authorized activities for all personnel during work shifts, and this is a large part of how you manage your personnel.


Work shift configuration for Jon Dur, showing that only mining and piloting activities are authorized.


  • Humans in OC operate on daily schedule.
  • For each person, each day is divided into a work shift and a leisure shift.
    • The work shift is the time period when work activities are executed. Orders applicable to the person’s duties will be followed and expedition jobs will be done.
    • The leisure shift is the time period when the NPC takes care of its own needs. It will eat, drink, sleep, socialize, and do other things it deems fun. Leisure shifts are essential for maintaining health and happiness, and these must be at least long enough for the NPC to satisfy its survival criteria.
  • Start and end times for shifts are configurable.
  • Work shift activities are fully configurable. By authorizing and disallowing activities, you can control which NPCs work which jobs. This is an essential element of keeping your personnel happy and making sure that workers are well suited to their jobs.
  • You can opt to disable leisure shifts altogether. This is best reserved for emergency situations, like imminent invasion. As long as leisure shifts are disabled, your personnel will forego socialization, sleeping, and all other leisure activities. They’ll work 24 hours a day. Skipping leisure shifts is not sustainable for very long.

Viewing Activity Configuration Data

Activity configuration data can be viewed for any person by inspecting the location they occupy. In the human information controls, selecting the activity data view option will provide a quick view of activity configuration for the current shift.


This view will show:

  • Current goal data for the NPC.
  • A plan description for achieving the goal, if a plan is available.
  • Whether the NPC is skipping leisure shifts today.
  • Current shift type, start time, and end time.
  • A list of all activities that are authorized for the current shift.

Configuring Start and End Times

Toward the bottom of the activity view, a button labeled “Configure Shifts & Activities” can be used for shift configuration. Clicking this button will launch the shift configuration interface, which is shown below.



Shift types, start, and end times can be configured from this dialog. Additionally, clicking the “Configure Shift Activities” button  launches the shift activities interface, shown at the top of the article. This is where specific activities are enabled and disabled for the chosen shift.

Shift Configuration Strategy

There are two key components to effective shift configuration. The first is making sure that your NPCs are sufficiently happy and productive. The right balance between work and leisure has to be found. Some NPCs are engaged in critical functions where they have to perform at a very high level. If a doctor makes a mistake performing surgery, because he’s in a bad mood, because he hasn’t had enough leisure time to relax, an expedition member can wind up dead. If a miner is a bit on the grumpy side, the effects are generally less severe.

Some NPCs have personalities that are prone to angst or depression, and they might need to be coddled with respect to leisure time allotment. Finally, some NPCs have incompatible personality types and will socialize negatively when allowed to do so. A simple solution to dealing with NPCs that don’t get along is to separate their shift times, minimizing their likelihood of socializing.

The second key aspect of shift configuration is giving the right activities to the right people. Physical endeavors like mining and logging are best performed by physically robust people, with above average strength, and stamina. Other activities, like medical and engineering tasks, are best worked by NPCs with high intellect and inventive personalities. Almost every action in OC benefits from some properties and suffers from others, and it’s up to you to ensure that you get the most out of your personnel by configuring their work activities optimally.

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